Positive Musculoskeletal Changes and Body Weight and Shape

The only way to reverse obesity is to reverse the adverse musculoskeletal changes

There is no any kind of food, diet pills or supplements that can reverse the adverse musculoskeletal changes.

Weight Loss Surgeries – Bariatric surgeries like any other abdominal surgery induces musculoskeletal changes and they alter the gait and that is the reason for weight loss. The mechanism of weight loss induced by bariatric surgery is explained in the article: The Underlining Mechanism of Weight Loss Induced by Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery)

Restriction of food intake like semi-starvation or starvation in many case induce musculoskeletal changes and weight loss. If semi-starvation or starvation doesn’t induce musculoskeletal changes, there is no significant weight loss but for a prolonged time of semi-starvation or starvation without musculoskeletal changes, fatal consequences follows.

(If you take a look at people who are, because of starvation, came to the point of skeletal proportion you can notice that all of them have almost an identical shape in their musculoskeletal system.)

If you take a look at obese people you can notice that children with a similar degree of obesity are affected with a similar degree of adverse musculoskeletal changes. Severely obese children (or Adults) are effected with severe adverse musculoskeletal changes.