The Mechanism Underlining Excessive Skin (Saggy Flesh)

Among obese and severely obese people, rapid weight loss is followed by the appearance of excessive skin. The most visible appearance of excessive skin is visible by rapid weight loss after obesity surgery (bariatric surgery).

By observing the excessive skin on the body, we can notice that there is not only skin, but there is also plenty of flesh beneath the skin.

Instead of using the term “excessive skin”, the more appropriate name would be “saggy fat” or “saggy flesh”.

The fat mass beneath the skin of the saggy fat/flesh ranges from a few millimeters to a few centimeters thick.

People who are affected with this condition can notice that when they are walking, at each step the saggy fat/flesh tissues jiggle. The jiggling of the saggy fat/flesh is a factor that maintains the fat mass and prevents the shrinking of the skin.

The jiggling of the saggy fat/flesh is the factor that induces mechanical stimulations in the saggy fat/flesh.

In some cases, the jiggling of the saggy fat/flesh is strong enough to produce mechanical stimulations above the level necessary for the maintenance of existing fat mass and in this case, the saggy fat/flesh are exposed to excessive mechanical stimulation that leads to the building of new fat mass in the saggy fat/flesh.

  1. Jiggling of the fat tissue induces excessive mechanical stimulations.
  2. 2Excessive mechanical stimulations cause inflammation in the fat tissue.

The process of fat mass progression is caused by fat cells inflammation.

To get rid of saggy fat/flesh tissue, the factor that causes the appearance and maintenance of excessive skin, and fat mass beneath the skin, needs to be removed.

Maintaining a balanced walking gait and a good walking body posture will cause an absence of mechanical stimulations on the saggy fat/flesh tissue, and that will cause a regression of the fat mass and shrinkage of the skin.

Just using a conscious effort to maintain a good, or at least a better, body posture and a balanced gait pattern will positively affect shrinkage of the excessive skin.

You can notice that by a balanced transfer of body weight from one leg to the other, that jiggling of the saggy flesh tissues is reduced or even non-existent. In two or three days, you can notice a visible positive difference in the size of the saggy fat/flesh tissue.

Even a slight improvement of the gait will reduce the jiggling of the fat tissues, and that will cause the reduction of the strength of mechanical stimulations on the saggy fat-flesh tissues. Reduced strength and/or reduced duration of mechanical stimulation on the fat and saggy tissues will cause, in a short time, regression of the fat mass in the saggy fat/flesh tissue and at the same time, it will cause shrinkage of the excessive skin.

Occasionally walking with bare feet on pebbles, sandy beaches, grass and similar surfaces is an effective exercise to improve the walking gait.

It is advisable to maintain a normal level of everyday physical activity because in this way, we use muscles and bones and because of this, the body maintains the existing strength and postural stability, and at the same time we provide mechanical stimulations to the bones and muscle tissue necessary for maintaining the existing muscle and bone mass.

Postural and motor skill exercises have the means to maintain and to improve the existing postural strength and stability and at the same time, provides the muscles and bones tissue with the mechanical stimulations necessary for maintaining the existing muscle and bone mass.

Weight loss achieved in this way will not be followed with an appearance of saggy fat/flesh (excessive skin), and it will come along with a complete disappearance of the existing saggy fat.

Involvement in Postural and Motor Skill Exercises will lead to a regression of the fat mass and the disappearance of saggy fat.