About Me

I have discovered the biological basis of fat formation and the mechanism underlining fat distribution.

I have debunked the “Energy Balance” paradigm.

Also, I have discovered that the weight loss induced by WLS isn’t due to the restriction of food intake but the mechanism underlining the weight loss induced by WLS is identical to the mechanism underlining involuntary weight loss by people affected with certain types of injury. Weight Loss Surgery is a medical practice based on a misunderstanding.

I have discovered that the biological mechanism of weight loss induced by pharmaceutical or surgical weight loss intervention is identical with the biological mechanism of involuntary weight loss that affect people affected with long standing illnesses, elderly and people affected with certain types of injuries and people affected by weightlessness.

My ground breaking discovery will not only enable to solve the problem of obesity, abdominal obesity, gynecomastia etc, but as well it will save many lives and save many people from misery of dieting, pharmaceuticals and surgical weight loss intervention.

I am the author of the Book; “Biomechanics and Weight Loss”. This is the first Weight Loss Method that really works.

It works because it is based on a real understanding of the biological basis of fat formation and the real understanding of the mechanism underlining fat distribution.

The Revolutionary Weight Loss Method (without dieting and without exerting or strenuous physical activity) is based on the new ground-breaking discovery into the biological basis for body fat formation and the mechanism underlining fat distribution.

About Pseudoscience of Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Weight loss treatment involving dieting, increased physical activity, diet pills and bariatric surgeries was invented when obesity scientists believed that every single calories in food intake if not spent will be stored as fat mass in fat tissue. Those believe was in line with the anabolism and catabolism theories. At those times, the theory “calories in – calories out” was unquestioned scientific dogma.

A few years back, it was realized that a significant amount of food intake lives in the body as metabolic waste.faeces, urine, sweat, breathe etc. (Significant and variable amount of the energy in food intake human body doesn’t use but excretes mainly through the digestive and urinary system.)There was a little confusion among people involved in research, prevention and treatments of obesity, but another theory was quickly invented. It was a “calories in – calories out over a prolonged period of time”. This theory is widely known as “the energy balance”.

In 2007 I havedebunked the “energy balance paradigm”.

Since early 2010, “The Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO)”, theUnited Kingdoms foremost organisation dedicated to the understanding and treatment of obesity, has removed from their website everything that mentioned calories in – calories out and the energy balance. Up to date of 30 March 2011 on “The web site of the Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO)” there is noting about calories or “energy balance”. The ASO used to run the ORIC, the Obesity Resource and Information Centre. The ORICdisappeared from the internet in the early of 2010.

The UK Government’s Foresight Report ‘Tackling Obesities: Future Choices’, in 2007, 2008 and 2009 involving around 100 obesity scientists, was based on the “Energy Balance Paradigm”. It appears that all ForesightUK work related to the problem of obesity was not only fruitless, but it was also misleading.

It seems that since early 2010, Foresight UK doesn’t do any work on the obesity problem.

It appears that the “calories in – calories out” and the “energy balance paradigm” as a basis of understanding obesity have been abandoned byUK obesity researchers.


If medical scientists have a clear understanding about the causes of obesity there wouldn’t be one obese child and among adults, obesity will be as rare as it was just a few decades ago.

The obesity epidemic is a new phenomenon; particularly the severely obesity (morbid obesity) is a new phenomenon, unknown to any previous generations in human history.

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The big obstacle to combat obesity is the fact that nearlyeveryone thinks they knew why people getting obese and nearly “everyone thinks they know” what people should do in order to lose excessive body weight. That belief is a product of bad science of weight gain/weight loss.

The first step to combat obesity is to confront with the fact that the basic science of weight gain/weight loss is wrong. The basic biology of weight gain/weight loss is misunderstood.

The Real Science of Weight Gain and Weight Loss

The Third Edition of “Modern Science of Biomechanics & Weight Gain and Weight Loss” – This is the only book ever that REALLY EXPLAINS the causes of obesity and gives the real knowledge necessary to prevent, effectively treat and cure obesity, abdominal obesity, excessive skin, gynecomastia and much more.

This book contains 26 unique “POSTURAL and MOTOR SKILL EXERCISES” that are comprehensively described and illustrated. These exercises range from the non-strenuous to the moderately strenuous. These exercises, WITHOUT DIETING, induce positive musculoskeletal changes along with effective weight loss and health improvements. The BIOLOGICAL BASIS and the UNDERLINING MECHANISM of weight loss induced by each postural or motor skill exercise is extensively explained in this book.